Before the Ms. S. Ct. – Jan. 29, 2014 – public records

Mississippi Power v. Mississippi Public Service CommissionBigger Pie Forum, LLC, in July 2012, made a public records request for documents filed by Ms. Power with the MPSC. Specifically, documents regarding the long term natural gas price forecast and a forecast of the economic impact of pending federal legislation of greenhouse gas emmisions. Ms. Power opposed the request and the Hinds County Chancery Court held that the documents were not confidential and should be disclosed pursuant to the Ms. Public Records Act. Ms. Power appealed. At some point during the briefing period, Bigger Pie filed a Motion to Dismiss based on its assertion that some of the information sought by it had been provided by Ms. Power or its parent to the Wall Street Journal. Bigger Pie moved to withdraw the motion after it realized that it had the WSJ information. The Ms. S. Ct., via an order to show cause, had Ms. Power file a response.

Ms. Power brief, Response to Order to Show Cause

MPSC brief

Bigger Pie brief, Supp. brief

Order to Show Cause

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