Oral argument – S. Ct. – Jan. 14, 2014

Corrothers v. State – Tuesday, January 14, 2014, at 1:30 the court will hear oral argument in a death penalty case out of Lafayette County. Caleb Corrothers was found guilty of killing two people in the course of a robbery.  In July, 2009,  Taylor Clark was pursued into the trailer where he lived with his parents and brother.  His pursuer was a black man who insisted Taylor, a sometimes pot dealer, owed him $5,000. Taylor and his father were killed by gunshots.  The mother was shot in the neck but survived.  Thus, at trial, the evidence consisted mostly of the eyewitness identification of the mother (who had been injured) and the brother (who had previously suffered two head injuries) as well as a jailhouse snitch.      Issues include Batson, the failure to exclude the eyewitness identification, the failure to allow expert testimony on eyewitness identifications, denial of proposed instructions including one on mere suspicion and another that would have told the jury that the law looks suspiciously on informant testimony, and failure to allow jury to hear 911 call without first undergoing an analysis under MRE 403, failure to allow impeachment by a prior inconsistent statement, introduction of gruesome evidence, etc.  

Corrother’s brief.

State’s brief.

Corrother’s reply brief.

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