Before the S.Ct. – Jan. 8, 2014

Richardson v. State – a murder case out of Harrison Co. that sounds like the plot of several movies.  Richardson and his wife allow a homeless man, Rudy Quilon,  to live with them in order to assist him in living a Christian life.  Since no good deed goes unpunished, Quilon begins a reign of terror that ends only when Richardson shoots Quilon after ordering Quilon to leave.  Richardson claims self defense but, as is all too common in the courts of our state, his ability to present that defense is sorely limited by the trial court. Issues include: 1) court’s refusal to allow Richardson to elicit evidence of Quilon’s prior conviction and his conduct; 2) judicial bias and prosecutorial misconduct including the prosecution’s making false statements during closing argument; 3) refusal to allow Richardon to elicit evidence of his PTSD.  Richardson’s brief.  State’s brief.

Gaiennie v. McMillinchild support – Issues include whether a PSA that requires the parties to pay “any other expenses related to daycare or school” requires ex-wife to pay half of private school tuition. Warren Co. Chancellor said “yes.” McMillin’s brief.

Hardy v. State – 2010 boating accident on the Pearl River in Rankin County. Two people killed and Hardy convicted of manslaughter. Issues include: 1)_ spoliation and failure to give spoliation presumption instruction; 2) speedy trial and 3) whether it was error to allow the prosecution to elicit evidence of Hardy’s drinking prior to accident where Hardy registered a .08 and .09 and boating not illegal unless .10 or over and Hardy not charged with boating under the influence. Hardy’s brief. State’s brief.

Stringer v. State – Sad case out of Jackson County wherein 15-year-old Stringer found guilty of manslaughter after shooting 11-year-old brother. Issues include gruesome photos and sufficiency of the evidence. Stringer’s brief. State’s brief.

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