Before the Ct of App. – Jan. 7, 2014 – part 2

Sanders v. Sanders – some kind of battle over an estate.  Briefs not available but this case has an interesting docket. E.g. “Appellant’s Motion for Appointment/Assignment of A Special Criminal Prosecuter To Investigate and Prosecute Whomever Is Responsible For Criminal File Tampering In Violation of Rule 97-9-125(Tampering)” 

Hersey v. Hersey – child custody dispute asking whether it was appropriate for Alcorn Chancery Court to cede jurisdiction to Ontario court. Appellant’s brief.

Kent v. Miss. Dept. of Employment Sec. Comm’n – Whether employee fired for unsatisfactory work performance committed misconduct sufficient to deny unemployment benefits. Kent’s reply brief.

Wilson v. State – Wilson stabbed and killed her ex boyfriend as they fought over whether he had slept with one of her daughters. Wilson argues that the trial court erred in allowing the prosecution to cross-examine her on her past use of knives on boyfriends and a gang affiliation that occurred long ago – all information gleaned from her mental evaluation. Wilson’s brief. State’s brief.

O’Neal v. Ketchum – Kethcum foreclosed on a piece of property. O’Neal argued the sale was invalid because there were no verbal bids. Ketchum states that the “Appellant is correct in his assertion that this may be a case of first impression for the Court.  However, while she maintains this Court has never allowed a foreclosure to
be considered final where no one verbally placed a bid, this Court has also not said it was improper either.” Also at issue is the ownership of a mobile home on the property. O’Neal’s brief. Ketchum’s brief.

(Note: I am trying to summarize most of the cases but not all of the briefs are available electronically. I am also omitting family law, workers comp. and criminal cases where the issues appear to add nothing to the body of law that already exists in Mississippi).

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