Before the Ms.S.Ct. – Jan. 7, 2014

HospitalMD v. Larry – interlocutory appeal covered in a separate post

Ms. Dep’t of Rev. v. Isle of Capri  – tax appeal –  One issue is whether the Isle of Capri’s failure to post bond on appeal from the Tax Board to the chancery court meant that the chancery court appeal should have been dismissed. Ms. Dep’t of Revenue’s brief  Isle of Capri’s brief. 

Rice v. Statesuffiency of evidence for habitual –  pro se appeal from PCR hearing in Sunflower Co. auto burglary case wherein Rice claimed that one of the priors used to enhance his sentence was insufficient because he did not serve a year on the case.   Ms.S.Ct. ordered a hearing; trial court denied relief.  On appeal Rice argues that the judge who tried the case should have recused himself from the PCR hearing and that he served only four months for the prior at issue,  State’s brief. Rice’s reply brief. 

Henley v. State – poss. of burglary tools conviction in Neshoba County.  Henley raises sufficiency issues. State’s brief. 

Tipton v. Statedefinition of imprisonment –  Tipton was wrongfully convicted and filed for compensation pursuant to M.C.A. Sect. 11-44-7.  Apparently the state is arguing that Tipton is not entitled to compensation because he was on house arrest and house arrest (aka ISP) does not equal imprisonment. State’s brief.  Tipton’s reply brief.

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