Before the M.S.Ct. – Jan. 6, 2014

Considered today:

Hopkins v. State – a possession of controlled substance with intent case out of Harrison County. Presents weight of the evidence and hearsay issues. Hopkins’ brief.

Entergy v. Richardson – car wreck in 2001. Richardson sued Entergy. No activity in the case after 2006. At docket call on June 27, 2012, wherein Richardson failed to appear, the trial court dismissed without prejudice for failure to prosecute. Over a month later, Richardson filed for reinstatement via a 60(b) motion. The trial court granted the motion over Entergy’s objection and the Ms.S.Ct. granted Entergy’s interlocutory appeal. Entergy characterizes the issue as reinstatement was error because Richardson did not articulate any grounds available under 60(b) and the SOL had run. Entergy’s brief.

Sierra Club v. Miss.Public Service Commission – issues arising out of the construction of the Kemper County Power Plant. Sierra Club’s brief. MPSC brief. Miss. Power Co. brief. South Miss. Electric Power Ass’n brief.

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